Welcome to the City of the Sun

We are a cult that worships the sun. Not really, it's just fun to say that's something we do. Well at least that's what they used to do in ancient Heliopolis. We just sell clothes - no cult stuff here.


Our mission: Comfortable clothes for cool people

What it all comes down to is our product: we sell 1 of 1 upcycled clothing. This means we source used garments which means no new manufacturing is needed. This also means you, as the consumer, get to brag about wearing sustainable fashion. So you got that going for you.


Our vision: Be yourself

We have a really complex scientifically researched definition of what cool is and how it works: 

  1. Being cool is a choice.
  2. People make things cool, not the other way around.

And to be totally honest, with this logic there is no reason for you to believe that our clothes will make you cooler or whatever. We're just trying to convince you that you make the choice to be cool by being yourself.